Welcome on the website !

The subjects that I address here are born from my curiosity about the universe, the stars, the planets, the nebula and the multiverses.

To stimulate my curiosity I recently purchased a telescope, I googled and youtubed around reviews and then made a choice based on the best (budget) price / quality ratio.
(at least my budget, believe me, there are telescopes for small and very, very big pockets …)

The overall winner for me was the Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT.
The points that persuaded me (as a complete newcomer) are:

  • Goto guiding system
  • Celestron is 1 of the óldes’marketleaders
  • Up to a point seems be a nice start for Astrofotografie
  • General recognized compuetr mount (PC) via USB
  • The price

Here it is !


  • 130 mm (5.1″) diameter Newtonian Reflector.
  • 650 mm Focal Length.
  • f/5 Focal Ratio.
  • Motorized Altazimuth Mount.
  • 4,000+ object database.
  • Weight: 18 lb (8,16 kg)
  • 25 mm Eyepiece with 26x Magnification
  • 9 mm Eyepiece with 72x Magnification

Additional gear

  • Seben collimator
  • Bresser 2 x  Barlow lens
  • Moonfilter
  • Celestron Powertank
  • Canon EOS 750D
  • HP Elitebook G3
  • Stellarium planatarium software (FREE ! )
  • Astro Photography Tool software
    (Unlimited trial, not even 19 Euros to buy !)

My intention with this site is to share my experiences as a newby in the telescope world, things that I encounter, how do you do what, what is possible with such a budget telescope? I actually have no idea now, but, I’m diving into this matter (The Dutch way of course, we won’t let go! :-))